Learn Chinese through a Game,  why not?

Many Singaporean kids find learning Chinese tedious and boring. Today, we are proud to introduce Star Hunters, an online Chinese learning portal that lets you learn differently. How? We have specially designed more than 200 interesting multimedia stories and integrated them into an exciting treasure hunting game. Join us to explore the treasure maps, read stories, and collect stars!


In Tandem with MOE Syllabus

"I know there are books out there but they are too difficult and not suitable for locals". No worries, all stories in Star Hunters are in tandem with the MOE syllabus. New vocabulary taught in textbooks are introduced in stories to reinforce learning. There are 3 learning modes - LISTENING, READING and COMPREHENSION to tackle the basic tenets of mastering a language.


Get Prizes as you learn

What’s a treasure hunt without treasure? Right, any diligent Star Hunter is capable of receiving attractive prizes! These prizes mark every milestone in your learning journey, and is our encouragement to you. Accumulate as many stars as possible, to collect prizes at the end of each month and when you level up. Click here to find out more.


Our users' Feedback

Star Hunters is Singaporean student’s favourite online Chinese reading game! Over the past 2 years, more than 7000 students have joined us and this number is growing everyday. We have received many comments and feedback from them throughout the time. Click the gallery below or here to see more of what they are saying.

寻宝智慧星是新加坡小朋友最喜欢的华文游戏。两年来,我们拥有了7000多名用户,而这个数字每天都在增加。为什么这么受欢迎?点击下面的View Gallery按钮,看看他们是怎么说的。想看更多的学生留言,请点这里

Meet the Creators


Dr. John Yan

Founder & Director of Product Development


Kow Hui

Director, Curriculum & Content



Art Director



Sketching Illustrator


Xiao Shu

Front End Developer


Jason Yang

Back End Developer



Music Production Artist


Jean Hew

Customer Service Executive

Pricing and Demo Accountpricing

For a monthly price as low as $5, you are able to access ALL the stories from previous months as well as the current month of subscription. You will be given a discount as well as premium gift pack along with the 6 month or 12 month subscription. Remember, our dream is to let all students learn Chinese in a fun and exciting way!


3-Month Package
$ 15
  • Full Content
  • Prizes
  • $5 per month
6-Month Package
$ 25
12-Month Package
$ 45
Best Value

The following is a demo account for the P4 syllabus that is open to everyone. Please log in from here. If you would like to try out other levels or the teacher’s account, please leave us a message at the bottom of this page.

Username: p4demo
Password: starhunters